Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two Weeks to Go!!

Some of you may already know but for those of you who don't I'm heading back to Yosemite this month. Ever since I've been back from the Valley my psyche has been strong. I've been training all summer to get better shape for my trip. It seems like all of the sudden I look at my calendar and realize I'll be in Yosemite in less than 2 weeks. I'm planning on being there for about a month but it really just depends on how long it takes to get my projects done.

Upcoming Walls:

Nose In A Day (VI 5.9 C2)
Half Dome In A Day (VI 5.9 C1)
Sunkist (VI 5.9 A4), Octopussy (VI 5.9 A3+) or the Shield  (VI 5.8 A3)
Leaning Tower In A Day: Solo (V 5.7 C2)
Salathe Wall (VI 5.9 C2) or Lurking Fear (VI 5.7 C2+)
S. Face of Washington Column: Solo or In-A-Day (V 5.8 C1)

Free Routes (This Trip or Near Future):

Butterballs (5.11c)
Free Blast (5.11)
E. Buttress of El Cap (5.10b)
Royal Arches (5.7 A0)
Serenity Sons (5.10d)
E. Buttress of Middle Cathedral (5.10c)
Snake Dike (5.7 R)

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