Monday, February 20, 2012

Moment of Commitment

Wow. It's been a while since I written anything down here. I still have to give the whole recap on my Fall in Yosemite. I'll get around to that in the upcoming weeks. Probably going to change things up soon. The look is gettin stale.

My current sights are in soloing the classic desert line Moonlight Buttress (V 5.8 C1+) in a day. To come back and do this within one year of my first wall would be a huge progress marker for myself as MB was my fist big wall. I've planned and figured out a strategy however, the voices full of anxiety, doubt, and overall fear won't shut the hell up. It's never easy to prepare for such a big climb. Often, a summit can have a path in time leading to it that is far longer than what the non-climber realizes. This is certainly the case with Moonlight. I may not have realized it immediately, but this climb was first a thought in my head on March 18th, 2011 (the day I topped out the route the first time) and the voices have been talking non-stop ever since.

The mental dialogue is overwhelming. Every time I have climbed a wall though I have had a very distinct moment before hand when I know that I'll summit. I fall into a meditation like state of peacefulness. All the outside bullshit that strays my mind is gone. All self-talk dissipates. When it comes, I know I'm committed. I know that there is a 0% chance of a Bailure on the route. Yesterday, I had my moment. I am fully committed.

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